My name is Justin McGurgan from Zealifi. For those of you that don't know us, we're a training company that specializes in leadership and service culture programs for the hospitality industry. We love helping venues go from good to great and becoming famous for service.

You see, we believe that Legislation and Compliance has over-regulated our industry. We believe that it's stifled growth, reduced profit margins, and has actually made teams overly-focused on tasks rather than on people. Due to these trends, we've developed a cutting edge people engagement program that we currently offer in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Over 12 months, we help venues project-manage a unique 12 step process that delivers an awesome and profitable service culture.

Having co-owned and grown my own training and consulting businesses, plus over 20 years of experience specializing in operational improvement for hospitality venues, we've now created a culture of hospitality. Established in 2007, our facilitators are all highly respected hospitality managers with decades of experience. We're passionate about helping venues unleash or unlock their true potential. We created Zealifi for that purpose. It comes from a zeal for life. It's the missing piece. It's the icing on the cake. It meets the needs of an industry needing to go back to the future, back to being people-focused all over again.

Now, I've met and worked with hundreds of hospitality venue owners and managers, and despite being highly skilled and really good at what they do, we can always see when owners, managers, and their teams have lost their customer service mojo. Firstly, managers aren't always engaging, and neither are the team, and the customer misses out. Secondly, service culture standards or service standards are inconsistent. Sometimes the team have no joy or enthusiasm for what they do and it really shows. And thirdly, customer spending reduces. Team rosters are then reduced and it means even less service

We created Raising the Barista: The 12 Steps to an Awesome and Profitable Service Culture. Over 12 months, the methodology develops the essential skills hospitality venues need to solve these problems and become famous for service. Where managers become leaders who turn engagement and caring in the staff into an atmosphere that has customers coming more often. Where caring staff turn first-time visitors into regulars, regulars into members, and members into raving fans, and where customers are now engaged, and they respond to upserving and start spending more. It's where you get more customers coming more often with a higher average spend, which is a real return on investment.

Our clients consistently say they're achieving greater results far exceeding what they could do on their very own. We believe there's never been a better time to create a culture of hospitality is now more about why you do what you do, not how you do it or even what you do. It's no longer good enough to be better, you have to be different, therefore memorable. We recognize that there are a lot of challenges facing our industry, and we believe the future where the venues who believe that people in their business are their unique competitive advantage will win the customer's loyalty.

That's why we're building a business and a brand that supports the hospitality in solving these problems and solving them with style. The program currently runs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, however, over the next three years, we plan to expand into over 100 venues across Queensland and Interstate. We say Raising the Barista will be the future benchmark for customer service culture in the hospitality industry.

We're looking for new venues that believe what we believe in, that believe in the culture of hospitality, where first-time visitors are treated like invited friends and neighbors, like customers in your own home. We're looking for venues who want hospitality to be fun and profitable again.

If you're curious and would like to learn more about what we do, Google Raising the Barista, and buy a copy of my book, or give me a call and let's schedule a discovery session with your senior management team. We're sharing ideas and putting a spotlight on others to be as source of inspiration for them, allowing them to create opportunities and make a difference. This is our story and yours. We're creating a culture, a lasting legacy for change in the hospitality industry. Our clients will become an employer of choice and a destination of choice, because everyone will want to go there.

My name is Justin McGurgan from Zealifi. We're creating a culture of hospitality, and we'd love for you to join us.

By Zealifi