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One team – One Direction – All responsible – Everyone Accountable
The recipe for service culture excellence with Zealifi starts with open and frank input collectively from all those essential ingredients that should be making a difference every day and in every way to all who come to your workplace.

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Turning Managers Into Leaders

With the business leaders involvement examine what the business drivers are, examining the value of relationship development and identifying ways to influence via modelling and workplace practices to set a consistent realistic and genuine workplace experience that motivates and challenges all. 

Outcomes from the Leadership Team Sessions include:

Achieving A Better Standard of Service

Engaging the Service Team

With all service team members being involved, research individual beliefs in what makes up unique service experiences and what creates the memories that people want to come back for. How the service environment is totally in the hands of the team who are on the floor and what this responsibility brings. Set values that will set apart the human experience so different from others offering the same products, that the 1st choice for all when coming out will be your business.

Outcomes from the Leadership Team Sessions include:

The Benefits of Having a More Engaged Workforce

How do we assist and facilitate you getting to where you want to be?

We work with your whole team including managers, front of house and back of house team members. The process is challenging and results oriented. It’s about implementation, not just ideas. It creates not just a consistently great customer service environment in your business, that brings about a real return on investment. It levels the relationship and service experiences to match the customers inspiration following the experience of being with you to that of the service and leadership team. It delivers a genuine and motivated team, an environment where customers want to come more often and spend more.

Delivering a Profitable Team
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