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We love working with people and businesses

At Zealifi we love working with people and businesses. By creating, building, and maintaining long term relationships. Below are some of our most popular project services, these all focus on supporting your service team, service leaders and managers in creating and maintaining a remarkable experience for your customers.


Partners Pathways Program

We offer an easy solution for businesses wanting to have Zealifi at its fingertips at any given time! The PPP program delivers a range of training and consulting services each month over a course of a year that you tailor to suit specific business needs.

Let us help you plan out what the next 12 months could look like and how the Partners Pathway Program can complement and support your business goals. We want to be with you every step of the way. We check in monthly and help to coordinate workshops, online training, digital solutions services, meetings, mentoring sessions, plus much more.

The Partners Pathways Program, will be customised to your specific requirements with an individually costed monthly fee, providing you with the best value for money professional support package.


1 on 1 Mentoring

Sometimes, you or your managers need a little TLC and would benefit from 1 on 1 mentoring. Zealifi can give the direction and focus when people are struggling with meeting business expectations, key accountability areas and individual deadlines over 6-months, a year or several months. Just think of us like your business coach, friend, or mentor! We would provide the motivation and drive to keep you on track and meet your deadlines. We would create a customised framework to suit any business needs and provide 1 on 1 mentoring sessions either face to face, Zoom or phone monthly. Zealifi would provide monthly reports to the business contact to keep them in the loop of the progress and provide detailed summary report at the end of the program.

Journey Mapping

Knowing what the touch points are that make the essential difference to the experience of visiting your business is the key to being so much better than your competitor service providers. This exercise will reflect on the internal and external customer base.

Running a session where front line service team members, together with marketing staff, service leaders and managers talk openly about every action the business takes and or provides as an experience and asks those questions of each step identified such as:

  • Is the message or feeling the same as others? 
  • How genuine is it? 
  • Does it create a want or need by the person experiencing it, want it again? 
  • Is it a process or relationship building opportunity? 
  • For each step is there an opportunity to improve? 
  • Is the intention of each process or step understood by all? 


Focus Groups

Re-claim your customer focus. Re-gain your customer loyalty
Knowing your customers journey is your best source of clarity.

What is a Focus Group session?

A Focus Group session is an open-ended discussion involving a small group of customers led by the best moderator in town, Ian Griffin! During the session, the group discuss their experience, perceptions and opinions regarding current offerings and service of a business. As a result of their interaction, building on each other’s comments, developing solutions, and reaching consensus on issues, a Focus Group session often delivers surprising and unexpected but valuable outcomes.

Zealifi will ask a range of questions for your customer focussed areas from bars, food, gaming, entertainment etc. These questions are carefully crafted in consultation with the business leaders to ensure you are finding out the most impactable insights from your service recipients so you can make the changes that will count. We provide you with a detailed report from the session.

Personality Compass Profiles

Knowing your people will pay dividends – ‘Are the right pegs in the right holes?’

Personality Compass Type Indicator (PCTI): “A new way to understand people”

Learn How to Identify ‘Strengths’ To Really Build YOUR Business…Reveal your teams most powerful, most clever attributes 

  • The best part is a PCTI session is a fun experience for everyone involved
  • All Compass directions are valuable as are all people in a team
  • Everyone will demonstrate strengths in one or more areas

Discover methods to identify very practical ways to encourage and inspire your workforce. PCTI is a useful business development tool and team profiling exercise

How well do you know your team?

I know them all, they are great, been with us forever, their loyal, hardworking, dedicated but can’t come up with anything new! Do I really know my team?

The Solution

A cost effective, non-threatening assessment of all members of your team. An objective, confidential analysis of how you team thinks, what motivates them and why they do the things they do. The Personality Compass will identify strengths and weaknesses in a very positive and affirming way in a two-part delivery. First the team completes individual online assessments in less than one hour. When the individual and group assessments are compiled, a two-hour group is scheduled workshop which always guarantees to be a lot of fun and the team learn how to better understand each other and work together in a new way.

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