One team – One Direction – All responsible – Everyone Accountable
The recipe for service culture excellence with Zealifi starts with open and frank input collectively from all those essential ingredients that should be making a difference every day and in every way to all who come to your workplace.

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Our 12 Proven Steps

Zealifi’s Raising The Bar (RTB) program follows 12 proven steps to build a sustainable and profitable service culture:

  1. Culture Change
  2. What Direction Are Your Team Leaders Taking?
  3.  Getting the Why? – Unlocking your awesome and profitable service culture
  4. Leadership Characteristics and Values
  5. Critical Culture Essentials – Skills for your front-line team
  6. Communication–- Successful influencing skills and conflict solutions for team leaders
  7. Putting the Hospitality Back into Hospitality
  8. Make Sure They Know We Care
  9. Recruitment – Hiring for attitude, personality, and people skills
  10. Performance Manage Them – Up or out but do it daily
  11. Empowerment and Complaint Solutions
  12. Rewards and Awards – Incentives that excite and motivate

Each step includes a workshop with action plans that are achievable and measurable. In each workplace, we engage with the whole team including managers, front of house and back of house team members. The process is challenging and results oriented. It is about implementation, not just ideas.

The programs steps include the following

Journey consultation (framework preparation)

Leadership team personal development sessions

Journey mapping and monitoring steps

Monthly touch points

Materials and Tools


Chop and Change
The steps from the Zealifi’s Raising The Bar (RTB) program can be tailored to meet particular/identified business needs. Talk to us now about how this can be good for you.

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