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The management and service of liquor is part of our DNA at Zealifi, we offer a fast and convenient one day Online RMLV Management Training course format perfect for busy people.  

Join our in-demand Online RMLV (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues) Management Training course or come along to our face to face RMLV courses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, and Cairns that is approved by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) and delivered by our experienced trainers. 

Responsible Management of Licensed Venues Course (RMLV) is mandatory for licensees (if individuals), approved managers and some permit holders.

When you successfully complete the course, you will be issued with an RMLV certificate. The certificate will remain current for 3 years.


Do I need to do the RMLV?

If you are not required to have an approved manager or become an approved manager, and you are not an individual licensee, you do not need to complete the RMLV course. There are a number of exceptions and exemptions that may apply.

Approved Manager requirements do not apply at premises:

  • If liquor is served or supplied only by volunteers in a premises operating under a community club licence, community other licence, community liquor permit or restricted liquor permit
  • Where a promotional event is held for the sale and/or supply of craft beer under a craft beer producer permit
  • If the premises is a boat or on a boat licensed under a subsidiary on-premises licence

Exemptions ‘Low risk premises’
Certain exemptions apply for low risk premises (who cease trade at midnight) that would otherwise be subject to the approved manager requirements. Low risk premises include:

  • A subsidiary on-premises licence with the principal activity of meals or prepared food (i.e. restaurant or café)
  • A community club licence with no more than 2,000 members
  • A community other licence
  • A restricted liquor permit

Note: Any Low risk premises who has permission to trade in liquor past midnight must ensure an approved manager is physically present at the premises.

We provide so much more than the basics; you will learn all your venue obligations and responsibilities as an approved manager. We go way beyond what you can’t do and clearly explore What you CAN do, enabling you to maximise financial success and exceed customer expectations.

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