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Knowing the ins and out of gaming, gaming compliance and working in gaming venues is in our DNA. Being hospitality professionals, we take great pride in providing to you an extensive range of gaming programs from getting the job done to ensuring you are compliant in the job!

To secure a job working in a gaming venue you will need either our online RSG course (that includes the national recognised unit of competency SITHGAM022 Provide responsible gambling services) with ZAC or, if you are wanting to work in NSW you need to complete our RCG (NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling) face to face course held regularly at Tweed Heads. 

Our ever-popular online RSG course (covering the national recognised unit of competency SITHGAM022 Provide responsible gambling services) if you are wanting to get a job in hospitality gambling environment from a pub, club, hotel, or casino this the course for you.

You will be empowered with the knowledge on harm minimisation, assisting customers who have issues with problem gambling and how to implement responsible gambling services.

Ready to become RSG certified! Start our online RSG course with ZAC for only $55 GST exempt.

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Are you new to the gaming industry or returning to a job requiring an RCG competency card after 5 years? You can attend one of our regular face-to-face classes at Twin Towns Services Club at Tweed Heads.

We are approved by Liquor and Gaming NSW to deliver you the NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling course that covers all the state-specific obligations, laws and legislation, harm minimisation.

The course also includes the competency card that is valid for 5 years, the best news is you only need to complete this course once. As when the 5 years is up, you only need to complete the Liquor and Gaming NSW online refresher training.

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ARCG is a mandatory course for Responsible Gaming Officers (RGO) and other senior roles in within the hotels and club industry that operate gaming machines. 

You must have a current RCG Endorsement. We offer our RCG course here.

Zealifi’s ARCG course has been designed with careful collaboration with Liquor and Gaming NSW. 

Understand you will be enrolled into the mandatory Pre-Enrolment online course after transaction.

In this online course you must upload your current RCG endorsement from Liquor and Gaming NSW, current photo ID, USI, and agree to terms and conditions.

If attending the virtual class need to have access to the necessary IT equipment: PC, laptop, or tablet, audio, webcam and strong/reliable internet connection.

Be able to read, speak and write English fluently.

Discover our NSW ARCG for yourself! Book into our next course from $399 (including GST)

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Online CLO

Are you being nominated or about to become the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) or Key gaming person at your gaming workplace? If you are, you will need to complete our Online CLO course for Queensland venues with ZAC as it will provide you with the knowledge in the three key responsibilities:

  • Provide appropriate information to assist patrons with gambling-related problems
  • Support staff in aiding those patrons
  • Provide assistance to patrons with gambling-related problems

Our course will ensure you are equipped with the legal knowledge and processes required to be able perform your role confidently.

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