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Food glorious food! The essential ingredient for a long-lasting and happy life. Zealifi are food people, we love it. We have a selection of great Food Handlers (includes Standard 3.2.2A) and Food knowledge courses that assists both individuals and businesses establish and maintain compliant food hygiene standards, including production, storage, and handling. We have also developed an essential Food Intolerance and Food Allergies course that highlights the hidden health risks for those guests who experience Food sensitivities.

Safe Food Handling Online course

Are you a food handler at your hospitality workplace or need to become one? We take food safety seriously and we have a substantial online course that will ensure you are knowledgeable and aware about the laws and food standards including Standard 3.2.2A that would apply in your job

Our course will equip everyone who works with food products in the hospitality industry about how to prepare food safely and responsibly. It will provide you with common sense techniques that will improve your knowledge as a food handler and reduce the risk of food poisoning to customers, ensure a clean and safe working environment too. Plus, learn what are the most important areas that need to be monitored.

Ready to complete our Safe Food Handling (Standard 3.2.2A) online course with ZAC for only $30 inc. GST?

Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Online course

Do you get confused by all the different food allergies or intolerances from Gluten free, Dairy free, peanut allergy, FODMAP, seafood allergy just to name a few? When you are serving, preparing, or handling food you need to be aware of food allergies and intolerances that your customers will have and how they can affect them eating your food. As some allergies have life threatening consequences.

Zealifi has made your life a little easier by creating our Food Allergy and Food Intolerance online course with ZAC. This course will go in detail and explain the different food allergies and intolerances, symptoms, causes, ingredient knowledge, consequences of serving the offending ingredient, and plus much more.

Avoid your customers becoming ill or much worse by completing our Food Allergy and Food Intolerance online course with ZAC today for $20 inc. GST.

Food Service workshop

Customers eating your food served in your restaurant, café, or function room is one of the main reasons why they visit your workplace. Are you and your team maximising the impact of the customer experience to your full potential? Could you do better?

Zealifi is here to help, we can come to your place and deliver our 2-hour Food Service workshop. We would inspire and motivate your team and provide useful and measurable strategies that can be implemented straight away. From:

  • Delighting and surprising customers when you meet and greet them 
  • Showing your flair when seating customers 
  • Seamlessly upsell and on-sell that will improve the bottom line
  • Reducing complaints or negative feedback online by implementing checkbacks
  • Improving the customer’s experience by ensuring everyone takes the opportunity to engage
  • Leaving the lasting final impression by providing the unexpected farewell and acknowledgement – your customers will become raving fans!

Ian The Entertrainer will present his animated, engaging, and unique session on a date and time that suits you. If you need the motivation breakthrough with your food service team don’t wait a minute longer…

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