Saying the words ‘Thank You’!

Thank You
Two words that mean so much

Two small words that can bring a touch of warmth and humanity into any message, we say thank you to a variety of people every day via face to face, in social media, email, text, or on the phone. Saying thank you can make all the difference to others, it can show how we appreciate, we value, like, love them or showing common courtesy to strangers going about their day.

How does the receiver feel when they hear the message?

As like in your normal day to day routine, in the workplace we have ample opportunity to express thanks to our team mates, our boss, or our clients or guests. How you express these words brings more meaning to it depending if your demeanour is either positive or negative. So, saying thank you whilst you are angry or disinterested will demonstrate to your receiver that there is little sincerity behind the words and you are saying them as you need to, not because you want to.

However, on the other hand saying the words with a smile and happy demeanour will show the receiver that you want to say it and you mean what you say. This will have the biggest impact to the other person and your relationship with that person.

Surely, there must be more than one way to say ‘Thank you’ to a team mate or a guest, here are some examples that you can start using today!

  • Thanks
  • Cheers
  • Thank you very much
  • I really appreciate it
  • You’ve made my day
  • You are great
  • I’m in your debt
  • You are the best
  • Thank you so much
  • Thanks a million
  • You’re a legend
  • Thanks a bunch
  • I can’t thank you enough
  • Thank you, you’re amazing!
  • I’m so thankful for everything you bring to the table
  • Thank you kindly
  • Many thanks
  • Warmest thanks
  • From the bottom of my heart, thank you
  • Please accept my deepest thanks
  • Eternally grateful
  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness, you’ve made my day!
  • Thank you for going above and beyond!
  • Thanks for being in my corner


Also, when thanking people, you should include the reason why you are thanking them such as ‘Thank you very much for coming in on your day off and doing the extra shift. We really appreciate it.’ This will mean so much more to the person who you are thanking.

This will make this more memorable and genuine if you include the reason why you are thanking them, as then the receiver can attach an experience or feeling that their action has created for you. This fosters a meaningful and authentic relationship between you both.

In summary saying ‘Thank You’ may be only two words but it can create something so much bigger in all your daily interactions.

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