Why is hospitality refresher courses important?

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The importance of hospitality refresher courses

In the hospitality industry you are governed by different legislation regarding training requirements and often when you first start working that you need to obtain mandatory training. For example, in Queensland you need to have an RSA statement of attainment within 30 days of your employment if you are selling, serving, or supplying liquor.

However, the statement of attainment does not expire so therefore you don’t need to complete a course again. Now this may sound wonderful however how do you keep up to date with current knowledge, new laws, new fines, new regulations etc.? An easy way to keep your knowledge current is to complete hospitality industry refresher courses.

As things never stay the same especially in our industry as an example from recent changes to entry of clubs with the implementation of the COVID QLD check in app. Which has replaced club entry rules. This means that any club now doesn’t have to comply with the club entry rules for members, reciprocal members, and visitors. Instead, all customers must use the COVID QLD check in app or use the alternative paper method when they first enter the club. This relaxed directive of the club entry rules will only stay in place until the health public direction changes and the COVID QLD check in app is no longer in use.

This affects the team as now everyone needs to be aware to check for ID, intoxication signs from customers and minors etc. in all entry points of their club and not to only rely on entry/reception team members to check. This has always been the case but now it is even more important.

Plus, everyone in all hospitality venues should be double checking that their customers are using the COVID QLD check in app when entering their venue.

Now this is one single change that has occurred recently, imagine how many other changes that have occurred since the last time you completed the RSA or any other hospitality courses?

Why should you do a refresher course on previous knowledge learnt?

As mentioned, it is hard to keep up to date with changes that are implemented in the hospitality industry but there is a simple solution.

You or your team members should be completing refresher training on a regular basis this could mean annually or more frequent depending on your needs.

We have created short, sharp but informative online refresher courses in our Zealifi Academy Centre (ZAC) that allows everyone to be in the know and up to date with their industry knowledge.

We have the following courses available:

  • RSA Refresher
  • RSG Refresher
  • Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) Refresher

All refresher courses are $20.

Start right now! 

If you have a group of team members wanting to complete any of our refresher courses, please call us on 1300 122 287 or email hello@zealifi.com.au.

As we can organise your group in ZAC and send out an invoice for payment. We have a fantastic Group Management system that we will manage your group with you plus give you access as a Group Leader to see the progress and be included in all notifications including receiving the certificate after completion for each person.

Prefer face to face training instead of online training

We can help here too, as we can organise our trainers including our legendary Patty White to come out to your venue and train your staff face to face.

Interested or would like a quote? Give us a call on 1300 122 287 or email hello@zealifi.com.au to discuss further your needs.


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