Delivering the RMLV course each week

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One of my greatest pleasures of any week

One of my greatest pleasures of any week is delivering the RMLV course (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues) whether this be live video conference or face to face.

Getting to back to travelling around the state, this could be Toowoomba, Gympie, Bundaberg, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast is a privilege. I am now looking forward to Cairns and Townsville RMLV courses being available soon. 

Having been delivering the RMLV course for a number of years and frequently I get to meet some amazing industry people some real characters, some industry icons, it’s an awesome mix of new and experienced attendees that bring to the courses new information, stories, experiences and shared knowledge. The course fundamentals don’t change but the conversation and topics covered adds to a great learning experience.

Common questions asked in the course?

I have put together some common questions that get asked in my RMLV training and have included my responses.

Can my staff consume alcoholic drinks, after my trading hours have ended?

Liquor licensing laws only allow the consumption of liquor during hours specified in your liquor licence this includes your staff and the public.

If OLGR or QPS identify that alcohol is being consumed on site after your permission ceases (post grace period) you could be fined more than $13,000.00 for unlawful sales.

If you intend to reward your service team with an alcoholic beverage after a busy night do this prior to the end of licensed trade and ensure no consumption of alcohol occurs after grace period has expired.

Who is responsible for the supply of alcohol to children on your licensed premises?

Licensed premises in Queensland are public places and as such the law prohibits the consumption of liquor by a minor anywhere other than their own home (under the direct supervision of a parent).

The responsibility of ensuring that a minor is not sold, supplied, or allowed to consume liquor lies with the Licensee, Approved Manager, and liquor service staff.

Parents or responsible adults’ decisions in regard to minors drinking on licensed premises is not relevant. On licensed premises minors are never permitted to consume alcohol.

Can children serve liquor in Queensland?

The Liquor Act in not an employment regulator so it does not decide the age of your employees engaged to sell serve or supply alcohol their concern will be whether these employees hold a current and valid RSA statement of attainment.

Generally, the age for paid employment is 13, employment in supervised delivery work such as newspapers and advertising material is permitted from the age of 11 within set hours (between 6.00am and 6.00pm).

The maximum hours a school aged child can work during the week is 12 hours and during a non-school week a child can work for a maximum of 38 hours.

You need to check the award or industrial award you pay under to identify if there are special rates of pay required or conditions that may apply if employing minors.

For further essential information check out – Restrictions on children working in Queensland (other than in the entertainment industry)

What will you receive if you attend any RMLV course with me?

If you attend an RMLV course with me you will receive up to date and current information, you will complete the course with the required knowledge and skills to operate your liquor licensed business in a compliant fashion while focusing heavily on the business opportunities holding a liquor licence can bring. My program is all about what you can do rather than what you can’t! Whether you are joining a course with me for the 1st time or the 6th time there will be something new for you to take away.

Don’t just take my word for it, I would like to share some recent course feedback.

“In-depth of the differences between each venue, different regulations, was great!” Mason D

“Ian made 10 hours of coursework and information quite entertaining with his stories and examples.” Matthew H

“It was informative on everything we can come across a manager, thank you to the teacher, great energy.” Guillaume Z

“Thanks Ian, informative & presented in an easily digestible form.” Robert B

Join me at an upcoming RMLV course

If you want to join me at an upcoming RMLV course, check out our dates looking forward to seeing you there.

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