Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling

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Fast, convenient, one day ARCG course format – Face To Face in Tweed Heads (or study online from the comfort of your workplace or home, every week).

Reduce the costs of accommodation, travel and meals by joining our live video training, learning from our experienced hospitality professionals.

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Face To Face Or Online

Choose to join one of our trainers in a one-day face to face course, or a live online course from the convenience of your location. 

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Industry Experienced Trainers

 Learn from the best with highly experienced industry professionals leading the way, and providing you with support at every step.

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Super Fast Certification

Receive your ARCG Certification within 48 hr of successful course completion. 

 Sometimes the same day!

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Liquor & Gaming NSW Approved 

Your training includes the official Liquor & Gaming NSW ARCG Training Workbook.


Your Quick Start To Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling

ARCG is a mandatory course for Responsible Gaming Officers (RGO) and other senior roles in within the hotels and club industry that operate gaming machines. 

You must have a current RCG Endorsement. We offer our RCG course here.

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Zealifi’s ARCG course has been designed with careful collaboration with Liquor and Gaming NSW. 

Understand you will be enrolled into the mandatory Pre-Enrolment online course after transaction.

In this online course you must upload your current RCG endorsement from L&GNSW, current photo ID, USI, and agree to terms and conditions.

If attending the virtual class need to have access to the necessary IT equipment: PC, laptop, or tablet, audio, webcam and strong/reliable internet connection.

Be able to read, speak and write English fluently.

What’s Included In Your Course?


1 Full day of training (minimum 6 hours as required by the Liquor & Gaming NSW), completed in a single day with our trainers.


Detailed course notes, official Liquor & Gaming NSW Training Workbook, giving you all the information you need.


Boots on the ground, industry veteran trainers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

ARCG is a mandatory course for:

  • Club secretaries
  • Club directors, unless they have completed the ClubsNSW Responsible Gambling Board Oversight training
  • Directors of a company that owns one or more hotels, where those directors have an operational role in the hotel business
  • Hotel licensees
  • Hotel ‘approved managers’ (as defined in section 91 (1A) of the Liquor Act 2007)
  • Staff who are responsible for management of gaming machine operations (if they are separate to and not undertaking RGO duties), e.g. gaming floor managers
  • **Responsible Gaming Officers (RGO) and other senior roles in within the hotels and club industry that operate gaming machines. 

**Note NSW government is proposing to mandate ARCG training for RGO and other senior roles.

The online (Zoom) course can be accessed wherever you are providing you have an internet connection, a Smart phone, iPad, Tablet, Device, Laptop or Computer.

Lie in Bed! On the Deck, Lounge room floor, in the Kitchen even by the Pool! Wherever you are comfortable.

The face-to-face course is held at Twin Towns Services Club in Tweed Heads.

The Online (Zoom) course costs $399 per person.

The Face-to-Face (Tweed Heads) course costs $450 per person.

  • 1 day of training (mandatory 6 contact hours) – 9am to 3.30pm AEST.
  • Industry experienced licensed premises managers and Liquor & Gaming NSW approved deliverers that will share their operations and compliance experience to ensure you are able to meet your gaming compliance obligations while maximising your opportunities to grow your business.
  • Liquor & Gaming NSW approved ARCG course completion certificate.
  • Electronic copy of the Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling Training Workbook.
  • Awesome morning tea, lunch, and assorted beverages (all down to you, your place, your food, and your drinks) Cheers!
  • Tea and coffee provided if you attend our face-to-face courses.

Yes, bookings can be made 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

Unfortunately Liquor and Gaming NSW do not permit interpreters.

A requirement is that you need to be able to read, speak and write English fluently.

Strong internet connection, camera, and microphone. You can complete the course on your laptop, tablet, or phone. We will send you the setup instructions prior to the course after completion of the Pre-Enrolment course.

After your web booking is completed, the attendee/s of the course will be automatically enrolled into the Pre-Enrolment course in ZAC (Zealifi Academy Centre). The ‘Welcome to ZAC’ email is sent with the log in information.

In the Pre-Enrolment course, the attendee/s will be required to:

  • Upload a current copy of their RCG endorsement – competency card or screenshot of digital card
  • Upload a current copy of Photo Identification
  • Provide their USI (Unique Student Identifier)
  • Complete the online enrolment form
  • Confirm you have read, understood, and agree to our Terms and Conditions

We will mark each section of the course once submitted, please be aware that the Pre-Enrolment course must be completed and verified (by Zealifi)  by no later than 4pm the day prior to course commencement. If this does not occur, your booking will be moved to the next available course.

Once the course is completed and verified, you will be sent the course confirmation and pre-course instructions. For example: if attending the Zoom course this will include the Zoom meeting link, test equipment link, ARCG workbook to print.

If attending the face-to-face course this will include course location address and other important information you need to know.

After the course and within 48 hours, you will be emailed the ARCG course completion certificate. The ARCG endorsement will be automatically added to your digital competency card (if you have one). If you would like to it to be added to your physical competency card, please visit Manage Competency Card Online.  You will need to pay for the cost of re-issuing the card. Please refer to the Fee Schedule on NSW Liquor and Gaming website. 

Note: All your endorsements must expire on the same date, calculated five years from the first endorsement gained. For example, if your RCG endorsement on your competency card expires in June 2024 and you gain an ARCG endorsement in April 2024 both competencies will still have an expiration date of June 2024. This ensures that your competencies are current and expire on the same date.

Your ARCG endorsement is automatically renewed on successful completion of the RCG refresher course prior to the expiry of your Competency card.

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