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Get the House in order! 

Now is the opportune time to have a careful look at what we are doing in Gaming, as the restrictions lift so will the visitation increase. This means also that some of our most vulnerable guests will be visiting us for gaming. Check out our picks for compliance with gaming: 

  • Position ATM’s out of view of the Poker Machines.
  • Make sure all gaming service staff know who your Customer Liaison Officers are. 
  • Double check that your RSG/RCG trained staff members know what to do if they encounter a problem gambler or become aware of someone with a problem in dealing with gambling issues. 
  • Ensure Self Help/External Help information is placed next to the ATM machines and in the bathrooms. 
  • Contact an external help organisation and have their details at hand. 
  • Have staff complete Zealifi’s online RSG refresher course. 
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