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How to get a service team back on board.

Enough of the doom and gloom, enough of the decision and indecision that has affected our businesses. Things are warming up; doors are open customers are coming back and where is our remarkable service team? If this is the question you have been asking of yourself, you are not alone.

The past few months have certainly told us the truth about some of our most loved staff members and not all of those truths were welcome. One important message we have learned from the effects of COVID, is How well do we really know our service team? I mean really know them.

Bringing new people on board has never been easy, difficult then and a greater challenge now.

Focus on Culture for recruitment moving forward, good Culture is what has kept your loyal and dedicated team members coming to work, belonging, being genuine and being recognised are powerful motivators when it comes to getting the best from your team.

Let’s not forget the value of your Culture and what is means to be genuine in service. We will look at some great sources of service personnel that can make a difference.

Active poaching, when out and about and you experience Wow! Give them your card!

Personal recommendation from a trusted and proven team members on the floor.

When you place an advert for new service team members take time to explain your story ‘Why your venue is so different and how you value service team culture and how you value attitude over skills, and ask the question of the reader, ‘Would you like to be part of this amazing team’?

For all roles moving forward
  1. Make attitude the highest scoring area for both application and interview.
  2. Give each person you interview a single page that outlines your workplace’s Culture values and expectations of team members.
  3. Explain to all candidates being interviewed if they are not comfortable with the values and don’t feel they could work with them that it is OK, but you would like them to let you know.
  4. Ensure when the new team member joins the team, they get to feel the genuine warmth and inclusion that your cultural values state.
Tips, keeping up the good feeling

Your leaders need to be charged with the responsibility of welcoming, explaining, supporting and guiding your newest additions – When they get to see and feel leaders walk and talk the values, they will begin to feel the importance of genuineness and then practice what they see.

Is it real? –keep in mind?
  • No one knows how important they are until you tell them – so tell them!
  • Maintaining great values takes effort – reward them!
  • Show off team members who maintain consistency and produce the service Wow – publicly post, photos on display, end of year surprises!
Something to think on

Unhappy and unrecognised staff can be 10% less productive than recognised, engaged and happy service team members – What team would you prefer to have? Recruit now on attitude, you can develop skills later on.

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