Hi guys, Justin McGurgan from Zealifi checking in to continue our conversation around service culture and why it's critically important to give you an awesome sustainable business that drops really good profits through to the bottom line. So why is service culture so important, particularly for your hospitality venue? Let's find out. What is it about? It's about creating stronger, more meaningful connections with your customers to bring them back. It's about creating memorable and authentic experiences, which means your guests come from far away.

It's about becoming famous for service, which means people will tell other people all about you as well, too. It's about knowing that it's not just about being better, it's about being different and standing out. It's knowing what makes service memorable, unexpected, empathetic, genuine. It's about creating lasting impressions that are achieved when your team is inspired and they're empowered to go outside the norm to deliver a truly inspiring and amazing experience for your customers.

Now, most of us have been and seen other businesses that already do this. It's amazing, their names come up in casual conversation for all the right reasons. They attract a lot more guests and ones that come more regularly as well, too. Not only that, they seem to charge more and they certainly make a lot more money, and it doesn't appear to be a struggle. Now, the hospitality business is getting bigger but it's not necessarily getting better. A lot of venues are finding it very hard to stand out and to be different in this market.

Now, it's not about your building. It's not about your food, booze, and gaming. They are so easy to replicate, they're very similar to everywhere you go. But it is about your people, and it's your people and your leaders empowering and inspiring and motivating your team members, and your team members then wanting to engage and be curious about your customers that will deliver that experience. That will deliver you the awesome, profitable, sustainable business that you're looking for.

We love service culture, we love talking about the difference it makes to your business. If this message strikes a chord with you we'd love you to share it with either a friend or a fellow businessman that might be looking at their business and saying, "What is our point of difference that we need? We've got some awesome people, how do we get these people to be our real point of difference that delivers us a fabulous business result?"

Let's keep this conversation going around service culture, and the difference people in our business make. It's so important, it's time for the businesses going back to the future again, back to being people focused rather than task focused. If you want to keep the conversation going let's check in again, and I'll look forward to talking to you again soon. Thanks very much.

By Zealifi