Before you can change the culture, you have to decide what you want the culture to look like in the future. Different businesses in different industries will have different cultures. Look at what kind of culture will work best for your business in its desired future state. Review your mission, vision and values and make sure the culture you are designing supports them.


Here are some characteristics of cultures that others have used successfully. Decide which works for your business and implement them.

  • Mission clarity
  • Team member commitment
  • Fully empowered team members
  • High integrity workplace
  • Strong trust relationships
  • Highly effective leadership
  • Effective systems and processes
  • Performance-based compensation and reward programs
  • Guest-focused
  • Effective 360-degree communications
  • Commitment to learning and skill development
  • Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding team members
  • High degree of adaptability
  • High accountability standards
  • Demonstrated support for innovation

You need to align your service culture with your strategic goals if it isn't already.

  • Develop a specific action plan that can leverage the good things in your current culture and correct the unaligned areas.
  • Brainstorm improvements in your formal policies and daily practices.
  • Develop models of the desired actions and behaviours.
  • Communicate the new culture to all team members.
  • Over-communicate the new culture and its actions to everyone.


Only a culture that is aligned with your goals, one that helps you anticipate and adapt to change, will help you achieve superior performance over the long run.


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