Service culture is the key


The survival of any business can be measured on how well it creates guests for its facilities and services, and not the other way around. Success is now about your ability to create and keep guests. Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, yet very few spend real money on training their team to provide the awesome service that will keep guests coming back.


In over 30 years as a manager and consultant in the hospitality industry, I am amazed how few businesses have actually experienced the advantages of creating an awesome guest service culture. I have watched businesses spend millions of dollars refurbishing and updating their facilities and noticed how often they were disappointed that it did not produce the results they had expected. The mistake they have made has been to create a wonderful new facility yet retain the same poor levels of service. Even the very best renovations could have been far more successful if the business had invested a small percentage in creating a guest service culture.


Service culture is a marketing tool


We all know how much value we give to word of mouth recommendations. If a friend praises a business, we are far more likely to believe them than any recommendation we come across in traditional advertising. So, naturally, if we are told that a business loves helping guests, goes out of its way to solve problems and really cares for its guests, we are more likely to choose that business over a competitor. There are enormous benefits in becoming a business renowned for awesome service. Spending 10 per cent of your marketing budget on creating excellent service is a great marketing tool which will result in the best form of marketing – ‘word of mouth’. Not only that but your guests will come more often, will bring others with them and will spend more per head. Satisfied guests are prepared to pay higher prices too.


Raising The BARista. A new phrase. And a new opportunity to re-write the rules, transform our industry and set a new benchmark in hospitality guest service culture. Change is long overdue.

These days one of the biggest challenges in hospitality is to overcome flat or declining revenue (margins). Many businesses exhibit a number of common problems associated with being ‘task focussed’ instead of ‘service focussed’. Problems such as team apathy, inconsistent service and operational standards, lack of flair and creativity and inadequate team supervision and support are common throughout the industry. Combine this with poor communication and respect between team and management, lack of team knowledge of key business benchmarks, no responsibility for budget achievement and a team unsure of how to add value to the guests' experience, and it’s no wonder revenue is flat or declining in a lot of businesses.

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I’m Justin McGurgan, let’s go from GOOD to GREAT

By Zealifi