The need for change


As a manager or team leader, you need to understand that change is constant and to be embraced. Change affects businesses in many different ways; for example, having to integrate new technologies and new laws into our business. In addition, successful businesses are continually looking for better ways to achieve success through and with their people. They do this by updating their systems and processes and by promoting a culture of continuous learning within the business. Managers play a key role in helping the change process by changing their team members' attitude from avoidance to acceptance.


There are many ways to assess your company culture. There are consultants who will do it for you, for a fee. However, the easiest way to assess your company's culture is to look around. How do your team members act; what do they do? Look for common behaviours and visible symbols.


Listen … listen to your team members, your suppliers, and your guests. Pay attention to what is written about your business, in print and online. These will also give you clues as to what your company's culture really is.


How do we manage change?


If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you always got.

Anthony Robbins.


The key ingredient to changing culture is ACTION!


Before you can change the culture, you have to decide what you want the culture to look like in the future. Different businesses in different industries will have different cultures. Look at what kind of culture will work best for your business in its desired future state. Review your mission, vision and values and make sure the culture you are designing supports them.


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