What It Takes to Manage a Winning Team

Do your managers have the essential characteristics and values to lead a winning team? How can you achieve a highly engaged and powerful service team who can’t wait to come to work and deliver amazing customer service?

A motivated and engaged team is likely to perform better as they feel a connection to the business and are committed to success, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and better outcomes. Employee engagement can not only make a real difference, it can set the great venues apart from the merely good ones. A brilliant manager can see the big picture and help to bring out the best in the team. This is what a truly engaged and motivated employee might look like:

Meet The Engaged Employee

Source:Gallup's State of the Global Workplace, 2013.


The most successful hospitality businesses have a united team onboard that exemplify high standards of customer service finesse and flair that emanates throughout the venue and naturally draws customers back. In any business, the leader’s actions are what sets the pace for the rest of the team. Their behaviour wins trust, loyalty and ensures the business continue to thrive. A team culture and team behaviour is often a reflection of their leader’s behaviour and attitudes.

Are you and your management team displaying the essential characteristics and values to build a stand-out business that is famous for service? How does your team perceive you?

This free chapter from Justin McGurgan’s book ‘Raising the Barista’ is for you and your team, to give you insight into how to raise the bar when it comes to delivering truly effective customer service. We hope that it helps you raise the bar on your venue’s service culture.