Rewards can motivate and encourage team members to contribute to their own success and that of your business. It's important to recognise the people who help each other and make the work environment better for everyone. A simple effort to show real care and concern for your team members can have a dramatic impact on how they treat your guests.

• Throw a Staff Christmas party in January after the rush. Use this as a time to thank your team for working so hard during the busy Christmas period. Have some fun, reward your team with humorous rewards, and include their family. Make it all about them.
• Keep your reward ideas fresh and change things around each year so that staff won't just expect it each year.
• Organise a staff breakfast every quarter where you can update them on the progress of the business and let them in on upcoming plans and strategies. Including your team will make them feel as though they are an important part of the business.
• Eye contact, acknowledgment, using first names and recognition is just as critical between staff as with patrons.
• Recognise and award staff for “Years of Service” with a cash value.
• Understand your team and put into place a program that has value to the team – ask them how they would like to be rewarded for hard work.
• Some potential rewards are certificates, trophies, sports or special event tickets, gift cards, time off, or even a voucher for a free coffee and cake.
• Get creative with your incentive ideas - partnering with businesses in your community can provide suitable prizes and even expand your client base. Make a deal with a local florist for bouquets in exchange for lunches. Perhaps your team would like gift certificates to a cinema or retail store?
• Every day, find someone who's doing a great job and congratulate them immediately.
• Create a program – such as a “Star of the Month” program - Stars of the Month receive an awards package that may include a thank you letter from the general manager, certificate, and a gift card.
• Create a “Team Spirit” Award for a team member who has focused on helping fellow workmates.
• Often, a simple “well done” goes a long way to showing team members that they are noticed and valued. Try posting letters of recognition in a newsletter or on the staff notice board.
• Walk the talk - If you want your team members to smile sincerely at guests and to greet each of them by name, you should demonstrate this behaviour by smiling and greeting your own team members by name.