Employer of Choice

Position your venue for success with an integrated training program

Zealifi’s Employer of Choice program was developed in response to the hospitality industry’s need for skilled, motivated employees, especially in the face of shortages of experienced, high-calibre staff with a commitment to the industry. Buying ad-hoc training addresses some requirements but the professional venue benefits from an integrated, planned program to develop skills that enhance current performance and future resilience.

Employer of Choice is a collaborative approach – Zealifi works closely with you to create a learning culture in your venue and at the same time suggests critical training interventions that will quickly improve results for your bottom line. You choose the training that you want for the year (including compliance, operational, leadership, management, corporate governance, strategic planning) and it’s all programmed and coordinated for you by one provider.

It’s timed to suit you, minimises paperwork and gets to the heart of what you need to set your business apart. We make it simple. And we make it very, very effective. Employer of Choice is a first class initiative that is recognised as a leader within the industry. It attracts quality staff who care about their development and gives managers peace of mind that the business is positioning itself amongst the industry’s peak performers. It’s a banquet of possibilities! Funding to subsidise an Employer of Choice training program is available through government initiatives. Ask us for more details.

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