Personality Compass Profiles

Knowing your people will pay dividends
Take time out by standing back and asking yourself, “Are the right pegs in the right holes?”

Personality Compass Type Indicator (PCTI): “A new way to understand people”
Learn How to Identify ‘Strengths’ To Really Build YOUR Business...Reveal your teams most powerful, most clever attributes 

  • The best part is a PCTI session is a fun experience for everyone involved
  • All Compass directions are valuable as are all people in a team
  • Everyone will demonstrate strengths in one or more areas

Discover methods to identify very practical ways to encourage and inspire your workforce. PCTI is a useful business development tool and team profiling exercise

The Problem
Meetings, more meetings and nothing changes! It’s not rocket science so why can’t they do it?

They just don’t seem to understand
I know them all, they are great, been with us forever, their loyal, hardworking, dedicated but can’t come up with anything new! Do I really know my team?

The Solution
It’s possible that you don’t know your team as well as you think! Are you missing hidden qualities? If you really knew them well you might find out you have an untapped resource that’s been there all the time but you never knew!

  • Get to know them
  • See the team clearly
  • Remove the blinkers, letting them run
  • Identify that the right pegs are in the right holes.

It’s not about carrying the wrong people, its about the right people perhaps being in the wrong jobs!

Why hasn’t it been fixed?
Why are we still going around in circles, looking for change, looking for innovation, training people but they are not in the right roles so we don’t go forward! We have tried:

  • Changing job roles – no change!
  • Paying more hoping it will re motivate and it doesn’t!
  • Bringing in new blood, but we end replacing old with same!

What you need to do!
Step Up, Step Away, Review and change!

The Solution
A cost effective, non-threatening assessment of all members of your team. An objective, confidential analysis of how you team thinks, how it’s motivated and why they do the things they do. It’s all about balance. An out of balance team means you are missing opportunities, a group controlled by the thinking of a few rather than all stifles creativity. Bringing the team to balance will allow for innovation, debate and importantly BOLDNESS. It brings a team together focuses on leadership talents and re enforcing skills.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in a very positive and affirming way in a two-part delivery. First the team completes individual online assessments in less than one hour. When the individual and group assessments are compiled, a scheduled two-hour group workshop is always fun and the team learn how to better understand each other and work together in a new way.

Individual profiles from only $330 (GST inc):

Individual completes an online assessment in less than one hour. After the assessment is compiled, our licensed PCTI Consultant Ian Griffin (also our Director of Training) will schedule a phone or Skype call to fully explain the results with the individual. Always very enlightening. 

Group profiles from $1375 (GST inc) plus $66pp for each individual personality profile report (maximum 20 persons per workshop):

TAKE THE COMPASS CHALLENGE: Point your team in the right direction.

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