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Receive your OLGR recognised RMLV certificate within 24 hr of successful course completion. Sometimes the same day!

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Your training includes OLGR licensee course manual, Zealifi compiled supplementary guide and support materials.

Your Quick Start To Licenced Venue Management

RMLV is a mandatory for liquor licensees (if individuals), approved managers and some permit holders.

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Zealifi’s RMLV course has been designed with careful compliance consideration and practice for all identified licence types and includes detailed State Government produced Reference Manual, Zealifi compiled Supplementary Workbook, current trading licence examples, audit information and tools.

What’s Included In Your Online Course?


1 Full day of training (minimum 10 hours as required by the OLGR), completed in a single day with our trainers.


Detailed course notes, supplementary guides, audit sheets giving you all the information you need.


An official OLGR manual to save and use as a reference tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is mandatory for liquor licenses (if individuals), approved managers and some permit holders to have a current responsible management of licensed venues (RMLV) certificate.

Present or reasonably available

Under the Liquor Act 1992 (the Act), certain licensed premises are required to have an individual licensee or approved manager:

  • present or reasonably available during ordinary trading hours of 10am to 12 midnight

  • present or reasonably available during approved extended trading hours between 7am and 10am

  • and

  • present during any period of approved extended trading hours between 12 midnight and 5am.

The Act provides for a number of exceptions and exemptions to these requirements in recognition of the varied nature of licensed premises.


The approved manager requirements do not apply at premises:

  • if liquor is served or supplied only by volunteers in a premises operating under a community club licence, community other licence, community liquor permit or restricted liquor permit

  • or

  • where a promotional event is held for the sale and/or supply of craft beer under a craft beer producer permit

  • or

  • if the premises is a boat or on a boat licensed under a subsidiary on-premises licence.


Exemptions for ‘low risk’ premises

Certain exemptions apply for low risk premises that would otherwise be subject to the approved manager requirements.

Low risk venues open after midnight

Low risk venues that trade past 12 midnight are not required to have an individual licensee or approved manager present or reasonably available during extended trading hours between 7am and 10am and before 10pm during ordinary trading hours. A licensee or approved manager must be present or reasonably available from 10pm and must be present during approved extended trading hours between 12 midnight and 5am.

Low risk venues not open after midnight

Low risk venues not open for business past 12 midnight are not required to have an Individual licensee or approved manager present or reasonably available during ordinary trading hours or extended trading hours between 7am and 10am.


Read the definition of ‘low risk’ below.

Applying for an exemption from requirement for approved managers to be present (for Individual licensees only)

An individual licensee may apply to the Commissioner for exemption from the obligation to be present or reasonably available or to take ‘reasonable steps’ to ensure an approved manager is present or reasonably available. The application may only be made where the licensee wishes to be absent for a continuous period of no more 3 months.

The exemption may only be granted when the licensee demonstrates they have made reasonable efforts to engage 1 or more approved managers for duty at the licensed premises and been unsuccessful.

The Commissioner must be satisfied that the premises will continue to be operated in accordance with the Act, including the risk-assessed management plan for the premises, during the licensee’s absence.

For example, a licensee in a remote or rural location regularly travels to a nearby town for business reasons during the premises trading hours. No approved manager is able to be present, but in an application to the Commissioner the licensee nominates a person trained I n the responsible service of alcohol to be in control of the premises during the licensee’s absences.

An individual licensee of a premises with no compliance issues may apply for an ongoing exemption from the approved manager requirement for periods of absence such as annual leave.

An individual licensee cannot apply for an approved manager’s approval.

The online course can be accessed wherever you are providing you have an internet connection, a Smart phone, iPad, Tablet, Device, Laptop or Computer.

Lie in Bed! On the Deck, Lounge room floor, in the Kitchen even by the Pool! Wherever you are comfortable.

From $300.00 per person.

  • 1 day of training (mandatory 10 contact hours).
  • Industry experienced licensed premises managers and Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation contracted deliverers that will share their operations and compliance experience to ensure you are able to meet your liquor compliance obligations while maximising your opportunities to grow your business.
  • OLGR approved RMLV certificate.
  • One online enrolment for SITHFAB021 Responsible Service of Alcohol or SITHGAM001 Responsible Gambling Services (transferable).
  • Electronic copy of the Responsible Management of Licensed Venues course manual.
  • Copy of Zealifi’s supplementary guide for Responsible Management of Licensed Venues course.
  • Awesome morning tea, lunch and assorted beverages (all down to you, your place, your food and your drinks) Cheers!

Our face to face class is $40.00 more expensive than the video conference as the day includes morning tea and coffee and a hot lunch.

Yes, bookings can be made 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

You are welcome to have an interpreter with. You will need to advise us when booking.r person.

Strong internet connection, camera, and microphone. You can complete the course on your laptop, tablet, or phone. We will send you the setup instructions prior to the course and Nick ‘The Boffin’ will be available prior and during the course to help with any technical difficulties.

Printing off a copy of the supplementary guide and the assessment will save lots of time in taking notes.

After successful completion of the course, participants will receive their physical copy of their RMLV certificate via Australia Post. A digital copy will be emailed to participants within 24 hours. (Full payment is required before certification can be issued).

If at any time you lose your RMLV certificate, please contact us on 1300 122 287 and we can email through your electronic copy. If you wish to obtain a new paper copy, this can be arranged at a cost of $45.00.

Holding an RMLV certificate does not make you a Liquor approved manager. The RMLV course is the compulsory education certification needed before you can apply to become a Liquor approved manager.

When you receive the RMLV certificate you can apply with QLD OLGR to obtain a Liquor approved manager licence, pay the prescribed fee to obtain your Liquor approved manager licence which is valid for 5 years. We suggest applying directly online as these applications are processed faster.

Otherwise, you can use the Form 82, pay the prescribed fee and lodge either by mail or in person.

The RMLV certificate will remain valid for exactly 3 years from the day of issue. It is the responsibility of the liquor approved manager to ensure their RMLV certificate is renewed before it expires.

There are no refresher or renewal programs available for RMLV. The RMLV certificate is valid for three years only. You are required to complete the course again.

The RMLV course expires every three years, to renew your RMLV certificate, you can book into our regular video conference or face to face courses located throughout QLD.

All approved OLGR providers are contracted each year. The contract with the Government stipulates the
course may be completed in either one 10-hour day or 10 hours over two days, there is no provision for course shortening.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol course (SITHFAB021) is a national recognised unit of competency from the Tourism and Hospitality Training package and as such requires different forms of evidence to achieve this competency. The RMLV course does not provide us with enough time to complete these separate requirements. Note QLD OLGR has formally said they will recognise a valid RMLV certificate as being equivalent to RSA only while the RMLV certificate is current.

You cannot be acting as an approved manager with an expired RMLV qualification.

To deliver the RMLV course in QLD the approved trainer must be working for a registered training organisation that has approval by OLGR to deliver the RMLV course. As well as being formally qualified to Certificate IV level in Training and Assessment, Workplace Training and Assessment or Assessment in Workplace Training and hold a valid RMLV certificate.

Our RMLV trainers have a minimum of 20 years’ experience of working in the liquor and or gaming industries.

Zealifi is a registered training organisation (RTO) with the national provider number 31709, you can discover more about our RTO by checking out our page.

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