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Two Key Areas When It Comes to Considering Standards

Wondering where these need to come from and who should be involved in developing them should not be Rocket science! There are two key areas when it comes to considering standards.

  • Culture Standards – How we do it around here and;
  • Task/Job Standards – the standard operating procedures required for each task and/or role.

Achieving better standards of service will require input from your Technical Expert in the area (supervisor/manager) the team members who are carrying out the function in the area.

Bringing these together will provide a level and transparent set of guidelines for all to follow in the completion of their roles both attitudinally and functionally – together these values and task descriptions provide a consistent framework for assessing performance, identifying gaps and ensuring better standards of achievement are maintained.

Our Culture program takes into account your values, task and functional requirements and ensure these are communicated in a simple and demonstratable format.

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