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Patty White

Trainer on Tap

Patty has been bringing her special brand of optimism and humour to the serious job of training at Zealifi since 2008. Inspired by work as a hotel cleaner (loved the smell of stale beer and cigs!), Patty moved through the ranks to be a tab operator, hotel manager and winner of Emerging Businesswoman of the Year Townsville, with a spell as ‘front door darling’ along the way. Whether you’re doing school-based training or on-site classes, once Patty is on your side, you’ll have unconditional support from someone who’ll help you take pride in this great industry. For Patty, seeing ordinary people doing extraordinary things is what it’s all about.

Most memorable hospitality moment

Doing a $5 withdrawal through the TAB EFTPOS for a patron who was down on her luck and seeing her win the State jackpot of $38,000! Loved the postcard from Scotland where she was visiting her children.