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Justin McGurgan

Owner/Managing Director
(the Boss!)

This is the man who sets the pace, sees the future and nurtures the possibilities! After 30 years in hospitality (pubs, clubs and casino), Justin is still 101% driven to build a superlative service culture – he’s doing it at Zealifi and his enduring passion is to show clients that an outstanding culture is absolutely profitable and energises the industry. He likes to work with friends so does his best to make clients friends – that means Zealifi’s approach is authentic and warm, always based in helping clients with their challenges and supporting their success. Justin is consultant, problem-solver and trainer but, above all, he’s a leader with genuine desire to make the industry profitable, impressive and a source of truly fantastic experiences for everyone it touches.

Most memorable hospitality moment

My son’s 10th birthday at Hard Rock Café – his choice; I wasn’t so sure. We mentioned it was his birthday when we arrived and, at dessert time, the waitress brought over a cup cake with a candle on it. Special? Not until all the staff, and I mean ALL the staff – cooks, waiters and bar staff – circled our table and sang ‘Happy Birthday’. We’ve never forgotten it.