Focus Groups

Re-claim your customer focus. Re-gain your customer loyalty
Knowing your customers journey is your best source of clarity

Zealifi were engaged to conduct our recent member focus groups. The club had never conducted a group before and I had limited knowledge of the process to undertake. Justin and Ian provided us with an in-depth time line of tasks with recommended completion dates along with suggested questions. These two documents were used in full and made the process of sourcing members, rewarding them and following up seem effortless. The findings were provided in a very timely fashion and most of all we received the information we needed to progress with our members tastes and needs.”  Nick Brabham, General Manager - Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club

What is a Focus Group session?

A Focus Group session is an open ended discussion involving a small group of customers led by a moderator. During the session the group discuss their experience, perceptions and opinions regarding current offerings and service of a business. As a result of their interaction, building on each other’s comments, developing solutions and reaching consensus on issues, a Focus Group session often delivers surprising and unexpected but valuable outcomes as a result of the dynamics and furore the participants often bring to the table. 

Why Zealifi deliver “the bee’s knees” of Hospitality Focus Group sessions

  • Our seamless plan of attack, including an in-depth time line of tasks with recommended completion dates along with suggested questions is designed to make the whole process easy for you
  • Food, gaming, entertainment, bars? We have a carefully and thoughtfully crafted plan for every area.
  • Our reports are delivered with a very quick turnaround
  • Your customers are in good hands. We have the best moderator in Brisbane! Ian has the personality and charisma to put people at ease, establish an easy rapport with the group, open up the reluctant contributor while creating a dynamic that stimulates perceptions and discussion about ideas not anticipated.
  • We ensure a comfortable and warm atmosphere is created for your clients which allows them to feel free from anxiety and at ease to express themselves freely.
  • We have the winning formula that has helped many venues bring the desired hospitality experience to the table for their customers. We have established proven techniques to engage, energise and direct focus group conversions and to gather the most targeted data possible.

9 good reasons why you should give them a go

The customer’s perception is your reality.” Kate Zabriskie

1. The ability to show that you truly empathise with your customer along every step of their experience is what separates great venues from good ones.

2. Not only do Focus Groups provide valuable insight on how your customers think, feel and react to your products and services but they are also an ideal way to gauge the reaction of a new idea before making the investment and to confirm if it will have the desired impact.

3. They enable you to establish your customer’s decision making process and why they make the choices they do which affects the bottom line of your venue.

4. Focus Groups can aid in the strategic planning process with the most important part of your business in the forefront of your mind and decisions, your customers.

5. Focus-group research plays an invaluable role in your decision making guiding you to make the right decisions for minor product and service adjustments.

6. Focus groups can be used to understand the scale of an issue within the venue or confirming your current winning strategies.

7. They open up suggestions and ideas from your customer’s point of view including unmet needs that you may not have been aware of.

8. “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude – the body never lies.”
The group dynamics allow observers to analyse the “unspoken” language and how the majority of participants react to ideas or concepts through their gestures, facial expressions, or their silence.

9. Focus Group results and findings provide reassurance at the board level regarding required change for growth around customer needs and expectations

Hear what you need to know straight from the horse’s mouth. Be prepared to be both surprised and enlightened. 
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