Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance was never as high-profile and esteemed as it is right now. There are very good reasons why the focus on establishing good Corporate Governance practices is running hot.

What is Corporate Governance?
Corporate Governance dictates the shared philosophy, practices and culture of an organisation and its employees. It clearly outlines the role and responsibility of managers, stakeholders, creditors, regulators and Board of Directors/Committee as well as outlining their rights within the business.

Why Corporate Governance?
Lack of effective Corporate Governance is more than just risky business. A corporation without a system of corporate governance is often regarded as a body without a soul or conscience. For all businesses, corporate governance is an increasing challenge. For businesses in hospitality, the task is even greater with legal requirements concerning gaming, food and alcohol service, staff employment, public liability and more.

How our Corporate Governance program will help you?
The purpose of our Corporate Governance program is to ensure that Directors/Committee members understand that there is an ethical approach to the steerage and big picture development of the club to ensure success, to meet its objectives and to avoid substantial disasters before they occur. Zealifi understands the requirements and the hazards and has developed a workshop to help committee members understand their ethical responsibilities and the essentials that must be covered to ensure a club’s legal operation, future viability and sound management.

The workshop explores issues of authority and accountability, direction and control, leadership and stewardship, and includes the following topics:

  • Why Corporate Governance
  • What is Corporate Governance 
  • Ethical conduct
  • Board code of conduct
  • Board responsibilities
  • The General Manager’s role
  • Legal considerations
  • Fiduciary duty
  • Business judgment rule
  • Legislation

To find out more contact Justin directly on 0417 632 311 or email

Upcoming public workshop dates:
BRISBANE: Blue Fin Fishing Club, Inala
Tuesday 16th February, 9am-11am

Wednesday 24th February, 9am-11am

To book into a 2-hour public workshop call Susan on 0435 525 429 or email

"Corporate Governance that allows for the effective management of small clubs can be challenging. Competing needs and interests from committees can create dysfunctional relationships with management. Our supporters and surf club have done a Corporate Governance workshop with Justin McGurgan from Zealifi, and it really provided great clarity on the roles and responsibilities of everyone. Justin’s ability to connect and explain how good Corporate Governance creates strong relationships and high performance clubs was very well received. I would recommend any club that has not done this, or has new committee members gives Justin a call. He will ensure everyone is on the same page."  Bryan Jones ACCM, General Manager, The Surf Club Coolangatta

"Greenbank RSL Services Club has used the services of Zealifi and its Directors Justin McGurgan and Ian Griffin for many years. Most recently the Committee had a facilitated Corporate Governance review completed with Zealifi that covered our legal obligations as an Incorporated Association. Their deep knowledge of the club industry and their thorough professionalism make them the obvious choice for Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning for clubs of all sizes. Their ability to engage with Committees and Boards generates a lot of trust and goodwill and we look forward to working with them again.” Tim Wright ACCM, General Manager, Greenbank RSL






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