The Lion Richlands 

Case Study

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Justin Hall (General Manager)


Richlands, Australia

Training Used

Raising The Bar (RTB)
The Lion Richlands

When we first started with Zealifi’s Raising the Bar program we were going through club renovations and we wanted our team to be in the position to go to the next level. We didn’t want to open up a brand-new club and think people would just come. Instead we wanted to take our service level to the next stage. Since participating in the Zealifi’s Raising the Bar 12 months program we have witnessed our management to be more conscious of customer and team engagement. This has increased morale and rapport between management and the team. Which has allowed the team to create memorable and authentic experiences for our customers. From a professional and presentation point of view everyone has stepped up and our customers have experienced a better standard of service which our customers are more than happy to share positive and happy feedback with us.

This has allowed everyone to focus on engagement and meaningful connections between each other and towards our customers. We received immediate response from customers within the first three months of program as they had noticed the changes implemented straight away from all levels of the club operations. The whole management and team enjoyed the program as Zealifi was with us every step of the way, so we never felt like we lost traction or lost sight of what we were trying to achieve which was a profitable and awesome service culture at the club.

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