BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club

Case Study

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Dermot McEnroe (former General Manager)


Queensland, Australia

Training Used

Raising The Bar (RTB)
BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club

The Zealifi team presented to us a program of training development that would enable all members of our team to have a very real impact on our venue’s capacity to inform, and more importantly delight and surprise all of our stakeholders, and Raising the Bar was it.

Zealifi’s Raising The Bar program has allowed us to explore the strengths and weaknesses that our leadership team brings to our essential guest services team, and likewise permitted our guest services team to identify ‘What they want our culture to be’, and then develop a set of steps and examples of behaviours to be displayed all day every day that demonstrate our belief to all who come into our club that our daily motivation is them.

The program has brought to the forefront the importance of ‘Our Culture’.

Establishing a set of culture rules has altered not only the way we communicate with each other but has affected the way we appraise, recruit, and perform each day.

Raising The Bar has provided us with the framework to constantly challenge us in the way we do things we do, why we do them and to then measure these in terms of ‘will any of this have an amazing impact on our guests or not?’ and if not lets go back to the drawing board.

We are currently enjoying a remarkable lift in the way our business is performing both financially and culturally and this is no small part attributed to the extreme passion and desire that Ian and the Zealifi team has brought our club.

Their passion has affected the whole team ‘Everyone is on board’ our identified culture standards gives us a sustainable framework to ensure we don’t fall into the trap of ‘expecting to achieve a different outcome when we carry on doing the same thing again and again’.

We have proved that by daring to be different, by going where others prefer not to go that the right ‘Culture’ makes the only difference.

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