Take the lead

Let’s face it. Service in the hospitality industry can be very beige at times – we have the opportunity to take the lead. The guest expectation has changed and so must we if we wish to survive and succeed. No longer is service the key – it is now about creating experiences for our guests that make an emotional connection. The food, beverage, rooms, entertainment and other services we provide can engage with our guests. If we create outstanding guest experiences, we create happy guests and happy guests come back again and again.


The best businesses know that creating an awesome guest service culture, rather than just doing ad hoc guest service training, is a far more proactive approach to attracting and retaining guests as ‘raving fans’, as well as upselling for profit.


We talk a lot about guests and not customers. This takes the focus off the customer transaction and puts it right where it should be – on welcoming and looking after guests to your business, just as if it were your own home. Guests in your home are welcomed warmly and genuinely, made to feel comfortable, offered a drink and seated. You make sure your home is clean and tidy before they get there, and you look after your guests, making sure they each feel special in your home. You give each and every guest attention, do special things for them, and make sure they are comfortable if staying over or are okay to get home safely. That is what hospitality is, and it should be the same in the hospitality business too.


The truth is, lasting impressions are made at the edges, where people step outside the normal routines and do something different. That’s where the opportunity lies. If we’re going to create truly memorable experiences for our guests, we need something different.

People say we’re in the hospitality industry. I think it’s the belief business. We believe in the power of good hospitality and heartfelt dialogue. We believe in our ability to make a difference and bring joy and fulfilment into people’s lives. That’s what we’re buying into. That’s the culture of hospitality we’re creating. We sell happiness.


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By Zealifi