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Paul Watson

Training Manager

Paul is a veteran of hotel management as well as a business facilitator with experience in marketing, risk management, change management and more. He says he’s also a ‘derailment expert’ who specialises in dealing with hospitality train wrecks – the man to call for clear analysis and fast ways to get things back on track! For Paul going the extra mile is part of every walk in the park – his commitment to excellence shines through his management of client, RTO and trainer needs. Inspired by having the opportunity to change hospitality attitudes through his Zealifi roles, he hopes more young people will see the great possibilities in a hospitality career and put it top of their ‘must do’ list.

Most memorable hospitality moment

Looking out over a crowd of 2,500+ at an event that my colleagues and I had developed from scratch. It was a record-breaker at the venue and the satisfaction was only matched by the celebratory drinks at the end of the night!